Positions Available

The Environmental Systems Dynamics Laboratory seeks a laboratory assistant starting immediately through the end of the semester, with the opportunity to extend employment into the summer if desired. The assistant would be involved in a collaborative project that seeks to quantify the role of marsh vegetation on coastal sedimentation, with a focus on the Wax Lake Delta in southern Louisiana. We recently completed a set of experiments in which we introduced labeled, fluorescent sediment into flumes (i.e., control volumes) constructed in the field and have generated many samples that need to to be run and analyzed. The laboratory assistant’s duties would be primarily focused on analysis of multiple types of samples, but with options to participate in summer field work should the assistant choose to stay on over the summer.

Specific duties will include:

– Analyzing water samples for fluorescence on a laboratory fluorometer
– Analyzing water samples for total suspended sediment
– Developing experimental relationships between sediment fluorescence and suspended sediment concentration
– Experimentally determining sorption isotherms for fluorescent dyes on different types of tracer sediment
– Analyzing vegetation samples for their structural characteristics and sediment content
– Inventorying and logging samples and developing a plan for their analysis
– Analyzing collected data in Microsoft Excel or with simple computer programs
– Preparing reagents and solutions of specific concentration

– For a student who retains employment through the summer, preparation for and participation in field experiments

We will seriously consider all applications, but preference will be given to students who have demonstrated success in chemistry or biology lab courses, or who have previous laboratory experience in other research labs. Experience dealing with data in Excel or Matlab is also desirable.

To apply for the position, please submit the following to Dr. Larsen (laurel@berkeley.edu):

– A brief statement of interest, including the date range for which you are interested in employment and the number of hours per week you would like to commit to (no preference will be given one way or another to students who desire summer employment)
– An unofficial transcript
– An email address for one reference

– A resume or statement of the experience that you would bring to this position

Salary will be commensurate with experience and current UCB rates for laboratory assistants. Applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis as they are received.

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